Saturday, March 25, 2017

Please consider signing this petition at the request of the Conservation Alliance of St. Lucie County.

Sunday, March 12, 2017

Seeking Comments on State Parks

Dear friends of the Conservation Alliance of St. Lucie County:

This email is the first of two emails to ask you to submit your comments to Florida’s Dept. of Environmental Protection (DEP) no later than Wednesday March 15th. (See information below.) Please bear with us as we give brief background on this very important issue in this first email.  The second email will provide more details in the email body of who to contact and other secondary issues. 

If you’ve been following the news you’d already know that DEP is proposing significant changes to Savannas Preserve State Park’s Unit Management Plan. (UMP)

The most important change is to the policy concerning the designation of “Preserve” to include so-called “secondary compatible uses,” such as timber harvesting and cattle grazing. There is also a nod to allow the widening and extension of roads, that will take additional Preserve Parklands.

Historically, the designation of “Preserve" was given only to ecologically significant and sensitive lands, the conservation of which is the primary, and overriding, purpose.

It was due to the hard work that the CASLC along with Martin County notables such as Dr. Richard Stoke and Maggy Hurchalla in the 1970s that the Savannas Preserve was created in the first place. After Ft. Pierce Inlet State Park, this was our next very big accomplishment. We want it protected as it has been since its creation in 1977.

We’re not the only state park in which DEP is attempting to bring in other uses, an action which we see as the “camel’s nose under the tent.” We are working with the folks working to preserve Myakka State Park, which is next up for changes, followed by several others.

Check in with Facebook page for Florida State Parks in Peril to get the latest information:

We are attaching a copy of the detailed flyer that Jono from Myakka has made for both the Savannas Preserve and Myakka Parks. It can also be found on the above FB page.

Here’s the links to two of the recent TCPalm articles on the issue.  They are also on the Alliance’s FB page.

Contact information is provided in all three of the above references, however, the specifics will also be sent to you in the next email as well. 

Please know that it’s precisely because we want to PREVENT A PRECEDENT of taking Preserve State Parklands for what is clearly an“incompatible use” of building a bridge that we have persisted in our fight to save the Halpatiokee Trails Unit of SPSP.  If the Crosstown Parkway bridge is built it will result in the degradation and destruction of at least 2/3  of this area. with its glorious wetlands, and diverse species habitat (including irreplaceable fish nursery) and hundreds of species. Not to mention degraded water quality for the North Fork of the St. Lucie River.  How many other municipalities will learn from the template that was created here and greedily command the use of the last green and blue natural resources in their cities with DEP’s blessing? Please feel free to include your comments on the Halptiokee/Crosstown Bridge issue in your comments.

Thursday, February 23, 2017

It's Not Over Yet!

Join the Indian Riverkeeper and the Conservation Alliance at Halpatiokee Trails/Buffer Preserve Section of Savannas Preserve State Park

Action Alert from Florida Conservation Voters

Florida’s conservation community and citizens alike have worked for years to pass a true fracking ban at the state level. 
But this year marks the first time we’ve had bipartisan support for this legislation in both the House of Representatives and Senate.
Your House and Senate members need to hear from conservation voters like you about the importance of cosponsoring this good fracking ban legislation.
Dozens of high-powered oil and gas industry lobbyists are already actively pressuring your legislators to allow more fracking in Florida. In fact, right now they are running a statewide robo-call campaign to undermine our efforts.
Don’t let Exxon Mobil have the last word when it comes to protecting our water.
Take 2 minutes right now to call your state Senator and Representative and ask them to cosponsor the good, bipartisan fracking bans that have been introduced.
To make it easy for you, we’ve set up a hotline that will automatically transfer you to your state legislators. When you dial the numbers below, you will hear the following message:
"Thanks for calling your [Senator or Representative]. In a moment you'll be prompted to enter your zip code, then connected to their office."
To contact your State Representative, please call: 844-899-9394
“As a constituent, I’m calling to urge the Representative to cosponsor the fracking ban, HB 451. I’m deeply concerned about the dangers fracking poses to our environment and economy. Tourism is one of our largest industries and in order to keep Florida a major tourist destination, we must protect our environment by banning fracking. Again, I urge you to cosponsor HB 451, the fracking ban. Thank you.”
To contact your State Senator, please call: 844-899-8866
“As a constituent, I’m calling to urge the Senator to cosponsor the fracking ban SB 442. I’m deeply concerned about the dangers fracking poses to our environment and economy. Tourism is one of our largest industries and in order to keep Florida a major tourist destination, we must protect our environment by banning fracking. Again, I urge you to cosponsor SB 442, the fracking ban. Thank you.”
If you complete your calls using a cell phone, you will receive a follow-up text asking if you would like to receive further action alerts by text. If you would like to, please respond with “FCV” (instead of simply entering “YES” as the text instructions say).
Contacting your elected officials is one of the best things you can do to protect Florida’s waters and keep fracking out of our state. Remember to be polite to the person who answers the phone and make sure you let them know that you are a constituent who votes.
Your voice will make a difference. Thank you.