Tuesday, December 20, 2016

Audubon of Martin County needs your assistance with their Christmas Bird Count, January 1, 2017. If you can help, please contact Nancy Price at nprice7047@aol.com

Sunday, December 11, 2016

The current nominee for head of the EPA is extremely concerning! Click this link to send a letter to your Senator urging the maintenance of a strong EPA. https://action.audubon.org/onlineactions/w57K1XLL7USzWKV2GEWiww2?ms=policy-adv-web-website_nas-curtain-201612xx_epanominee&utm_s

For Any Injured Wildlife

Our chapter is frequently contacted about injured birds, other injured wildlife, and wildlife that is “acting strangely.” While we appreciate your concern for wildlife and your diligence in making sure something is done for the affected animal, the St. Lucie Audubon Society is not a rescue organization. We are not licensed for wildlife rescue or rehabilitation. Therefore, what you need to do is:
·      If you live in Port Saint Lucie, call Animal Control Services at (772) 871-5042. They respond to wildlife calls.
·      If you live in St. Lucie County, call Animal Control at (772) 462-8120.
·      If you live in Martin County, call Animal Services at (772) 463-3211. They respond to wildlife calls and transport to the Treasure Coast Wildlife Center.
·       General information on what to do with injured or orphaned wildlife, that is available via the Treasure Coast Wildlife Center at www.tcwild.org or by phone at (772) 286-6200.